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This site exists to provide a comprehensive overview of the field of literature and religion. It is based in literary studies, and it is an international effort, started in the United States. Independent of any institution, it does not aim to promote a particular approach, religion, or organization but to make known the extent of scholarly efforts that currently exist.

Standard anthologies of literary theory do not recognize religion as a factor in contemporary literary studies. For this reason, many literary scholars are unaware of the theory, societies, critical questions, or publications that have previously emerged in this area. Such a condition may lead to fresh conceptualizations, but it also results in many reinventions of the wheel. This website thus identifies resources for informed scholarship, teaching, and intellectual community.

As a field of academic inquiry, literature and religion is more like a stellar field than a plot of ground. The visible bodies may appear in clusters, but they can be separated by vast distances, fueled in fundamentally different sources.

Originally planned in 2004, this project was developed and released in 2020. The site is still in progress.

New contributors are welcome, as are questions, corrections, and suggestions. Please contact the site coordinator, Sharon Kim, at skim@judsonu.edu.


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