The “Global Regions” section focuses on understanding how scholars outside of North America understand and practice their research in the field of religion and literature. This page is still incomplete and under development.

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At the present time, mainland Chinese studies in the field of religion and literature seem to concentrate mostly on the Christian religion. Studies of Daoist and Buddhist texts mostly take place outside of literary studies, apart from the concerns distinctive to literary scholars. This section is still under research and development.

Chinese Christianity and Literature

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Journal for the Study of Christian Culture

Centers and Programs:

Renmin University of China Summer Institute


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The Korean Society for Literature and Religion

Founded in 1992, the KSLR explores English and American literature, Korean literature, and world literature in relation to religion. It has ties with the International Society for Religion, Culture, and the Arts in the United Kingdom, and it publishes the journal Literature and Religion with submissions in both Korean and English.


Essential Reading: