Literature at the Christian College or University

Institutions that affirm a Christian faith enable the expression of religious perspectives on literature and literary theory, on the part of faculty as well as students, in the classroom and in scholarly productions. Beginning in the mid-twentieth century, Protestant evangelical colleges in the United States were influenced by the work of philosopher Arthur Holmes of Wheaton College, Illinois, whose concept of integrating faith and learning theorized an alternative to the increasingly secular axioms of the modern university. Scholars at these institutions considered how their Christian faith might lead to a distinctive way of reading or practicing literary studies. Listed below are links to English departments at liberal arts institutions that are members of the Council of Christian Colleges and Universities (CCCU). The list begins with the schools historically influential in the Conference on Christianity and Literature in addition to highly ranked with the Princeton Review, U.S. News, and Forbes.

Wheaton College, IL

Calvin University

Baylor University

Gordon College