Digital Libraries

Christian Classics Ethereal Library

A digital library of foundational and classic Christian writings, including the Early Church Fathers collection (Ante-Nicene, Nicene, and Post-Nicene), female medieval mystics, Puritan sermons, and twentieth-century theology.

The Dead Sea Scrolls Digital Library

The Digital Library of the Catholic Reformation

The Digital Library of Classic Protestant Texts

Patrologia Latina

Resources on Islam Collected by the University of Michigan Library

Includes encyclopedias, companions, bibliographies, digital collections, and scholarly societies.

For more digital resources on Islam, see the specialized section dedicated to Islam and Literature.

For more introductory resources, see

The Duke University Library online collection of Open Access Resources in Religious & Theological Studies


Fuderer, Laura Sue and Alan Krieger. “Selected Library Resources for Religion and Literature: An Annotated Bibliography.” Religion and Literature. 41.2 (2009): 297-318.