Teaching Resources

Bibliography for Literary Studies

Boscaljon, Daniel and Alan Levinovitz, eds. Teaching Religion and Literature. New York: Routledge, 2018.

Special Issue: “Rethinking the Bible as Literature: A Pedagogical Forum.” Religion and Literature. 47.1 (2015). 236-241.

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Other Resources

Online Repositories

The ARDA (Association of Religion Data Archives)

Includes syllabi, activities, videos, and other resources for instructors.

Finding God in Cyberspace: A Guide to Religious Studies Resources on the Internet

Includes a section on Teaching Resources and subject resources organized by Academic Disciplines.

The Wabash Center for Teaching and Learning in Theology and Religion

Includes syllabi, teaching strategies, books, articles, webinars, and the journal “Teaching Theology and Religion.”

Society for Biblical Literature: Teaching the Bible

Includes resources for online teaching, syllabi, and suggested reading.

Encyclopedia of the Bible and Its Reception (De Gruyter)

Resources on the origin and development of Bible canons, biblical interpretation across the centuries, and the reception of the Bible in scientific, cultural, artistic, and humanistic fields in addition to theological circles.

Book Series

American Academy of Religion (AAR) Teaching Religious Studies Series

Sample titles include Teaching Inter-religious Encounters, Teaching Buddhism, andTeaching Religion and Film.


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Teaching Literature and Religion at a Christian College


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The Calvin Center for Christian Scholarship

The Kuyers Institute for Christian Teaching and Learning