Christianity and Literature

The strong majority of research in religion and literature addresses some aspect of Christianity. This preponderance holds true even in contexts such as Asia that are not strongly associated with the Christian religion. For this reason, the resources identified in the other sections of this website (Societies, Journals, Theory, Bibliography, and Research Aids) are already, for the most part, resources related to Christianity and Literature.

Of particular note is the Conference on Christianity and Literature (CCL), the oldest and largest of the scholarly societies dedicated to religion and literature. CCL publishes the academic journal Christianity and Literature, which has a circulation of 1500. In addition, the list-serv ChristLit currently holds the largest active membership among online discussions of Christianity and Literature.

The following introductory works on Christianity and Literature are drawn from the recommended reading list:

T.S. Eliot. “Religion and Literature.” Selected Essays, 1917-1932. London: Faber & Faber, 1951. 388-401.

David Lyle Jeffrey. People of the Book: Christian Identity and Literary Culture. Grand Rapids, MI: William B. Eerdman’s Press, 1996.

“Special Feature: A Seminar on Christian Scholarship and the Religious Turn in Literary
Studies.” Christianity and Literature. 58.2 (2009).

The full Bibliography contains sections on “Literary Theory and Christian Theology,” “Theology and Literature,” and the “Bible,” in addition to works focused on the Christian dimension in categories such as “Theory,” “Poetics,” “Belief,” “Religious Criticism,” “Religious Ways of Reading,” and “Poets and Novelists on Religion and Literature.”

Below are materials not explicitly covered in other areas of the Literature and Religion website:

The Christian Poetics Initiative


Literature at the Christian college or university

Resources for Catholic Christian scholars

Resources for Orthodox Christian scholars

Resources for Protestant Christian scholars